Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Compensation of Employees: Wages and Salary Accruals/Gross Domestic Product

Oh oh, labor share of GDP is getting high. This is the central bank's signal to start a recession.


Taylor Conant said...

Is this A factor or THE factor? Why not use this as a primary market timing indicator and go long so long as it's favorable?

CP said...

Seems like "A" factor. Seems like the job of the central bank is to step in with credit for elites when they've decided that busts have gone far enough, and to clamp down on the economy when the proles are getting their share during booms and Janet sees an hour wait at the Cheesecake Factory.

AllanF said...

I'd have to say it's "A" factor as well. Also shows how scared of LTCM or (if you believe it) the Y2K bug they were. I can't help but wonder if Y2K was the convenient cover story for the LTCM hand-out.