Monday, June 27, 2016

Watching Bond Yields

The 10 year and 30 year are close to retesting their all time low yields.


Pacioli said...

Does this change your thinking at all on the supposed 'bear market in bonds'?

I tend to think that given global bond yields currently, UST yields could still fall quite a bit yet.

CP said...

That's what everyone thinks.

Pacioli said...

Perhaps. I probably should have used the word 'believe'.

I can't find anyone who truly BELIEVES that UST yields will go materially lower (except for me), even if they admit they THINK they could.

CP said...

What's funny is that when people were calling them "certificates of confiscation," at least they had yuge yields.

Now the credit quality is much worse, the yields much lower, the duration much higher!!

Pacioli said...

Well, the NOMINAL yields were higher. Real yields...maybe, maybe not (especially relative to worldwide alternatives)