Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Correspondent Writes Regarding GHW Bush's Vote For Hillary

There is no practical difference between the Democrat Party and the Republican Party. Both are agents of the Rothschild/Federal Reserve/IMF loan shark operation.

The Democrat Party is a collection of groups distinguished by envy of high-functioning white men. None of these groups is in on the real purpose of the Democrat Party, which is to extend and protect the power of the Rothschild loan shark operation.

All of the rage against Trump and all of the anti-Trump coverage in mass media owned or controlled by the Rothschild operation is because Trump is busting up the Rothschild's sweet deal with the two political parties. He is depriving Republican Party hustlers of their base and assembling a coalition to beat the Democrat Party.

The Republican Party are the designated losers who seldom get friendly publicity in the Rothschild media. Its members are content with various hustles, tax write-offs, an occasional kind word, a chance to sell unneeded, poorly-designed, over-priced weapons to the armed forces, and more.

One of the best parts of this election is the chance to see Republican hustlers like George H. W. Bush out themselves as parasites of white people.

You probably don't know it, but George H. W. Bush was photographed at the scene of the assassination of JFK, at the time it happened.


Anonymous said...

Was he on the grassy knoll?

High Pladeau Drifter said...

Look, our political and economic elites know perfectly well that our current welfare system is unsustainable and beyond repair. Thus, they are milking the system for all its worth and hoping to find heavily guarded safe spaces when the system collapses.In truth, Win or lose, Trump has radicalized over half the population and has significantly shortened the time line for collapse and has endangered many of those hoped for "safe spaces." The grifting and plunder of our economy cannot go on at the same level and with the same ease and safety now that the population has been radicalized. I support Trump, (have given him $1250.00 so far) but I must confess that he will never be able to educate or find jobs for the metastasizing population of inner city blacks with IQ's of 75 and 80. They are unemployable. It would take many generations to turn this around, and the only way to turn it around would be to demand that upon the birth of the first illegitimate child to a welfare mother that she get her tubes tied before she is eligible for SNAP, the refundable credit, medicaid, aid to dependent children, and section 8 subsidized housing and all the other welfare benefits.

But then printing money to fund the debt or our government cannot go on indefinitely either without causing a catastrophic rise in interest rates if the printing stopped, or massive inflation if the printing continues.

And it is this very well understood shortening time horizon which makes joining the elite that much more imperative and urgent for those with intelligence, ambition and youth. Those who refuse to climb aboard the grifting bandwagon will be consigned to the poverty of the vanishing middle class.

Trump, much as I admire his rabble rousing, isn't going to fix anything. He is going to shorten the grifter's time horizon and that should hurry along the kinds of investment opportunities that all of us who frequent this board want, especially us old farts with only a couple decades left in us.

Anonymous said...

Pics or it didn't happen!

whydibuy said...

Man, there are so many conspiracies zapping my tin foil hat that its buzzing and getting hot!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have met Donald Trump on 3 occasions in the 90's - twice at business meetings and once at a conf. The media, whether you characterize them as "mass" "mainstream" "liberal" or whatever, has it right. The guy is a pompous windbag and a jerk. Have to give him a hat tip for being a great self promoter, which is what is required when you run a branding business like Trump Organization.

Anonymous said...

I am always amazed that occasional incisive investment ideas, provocative and certainly arguable social analyses, and ultra-nutty racist and antisemitic canards all coexist on here. Demonstrates that intelligence and rationality in one area does not necessarily transfer to another (though often each of the above is represented by a different person).

Buffett Sex Crimes said...

I've been reading this blog for a long time and I've yet to see an "antisemitic canard". Can you give an example?

Anonymous said...

@Buffett Sex Crimes: All that Rothschild stuff in this post, which is at best a very light updating of the "Jews control the media and world banking" trope. Or do you disagree?