Thursday, September 15, 2016

High Plateau Drifter Rides Again: Hillary's Parkinson's

High Plateau Drifter writes in,

The above video is a must watch. Hopefully, all of you will help it go viral.

But when you step back a moment from the narrow and obvious issue - namely Hillary's inability to cope with the duties of the office - numerous more serious issues and concerns arise about our political system and deep state control.

Why would anyone want to place in the oval office an aging 70 year old with a severe debilitating condition like late stage Parkinson's? We already have a president who spends over 180 days of the year away from the oval office playing golf or vacationing. He is obviously taking the word of staffers who set the presidential agenda and selectively feed him the information they want him to hear. Perhaps the people who really run the government liked having Obama as a figurehead president so much that a severely disabled 70 year old woman would be just the ticket for 8 more years of unaccountable and seamless control by unelected king makers.

But then perhaps we should elect the staffers who control the president, and whoever else within the deep state holds power over his or her selection.

In many respects, running Hillary for president is a clear fraud on the American people. It was never entirely clear in advance that Obama would be a passive figurehead. But with Hillary it is crystal clear and obviously pre-planned. The powers that be have known about her Parkinson's for at least four years. One wonders how much the Chicago billionaires - the Pritzgers and Arthur Crown - controlled Obama. But then sending their boy on permanent vacation begs a more disturbing and more obvious question. Why would a figurehead be of any use unless the billionaires also pick and control the staffers? What exactly does the plumbing of such control look like?

Elections are a public process. But control over staff is obviously a very private and secretive process. However if we have an active president who drives the agenda, he or she can control that process. However, if we have reached a such pass as a nation that presidents are selected for their total lack of interest or total incapacity, then we have lost all democratic control to unelected oligarchs.


Anonymous said...

I think you mean the Pritzkers and Lester Crown.

Good call on buying TBT, but this was clearly not your best post.

High Plateau Drifter said...

Hey! A while back I also predicted that RSXJ would be the stock to own for the next several years. So far, a big winner.

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