Monday, April 6, 2020

Welcome, New Readers

We've been getting more traffic this month thanks to history finally happening again, and our blog posts documenting it. Some recent ones from ytd 2020:

If you are new here, a few of the most popular all-time CBS posts are below:
During the worst of the bubble years (2015-2020) where we mostly hid out in cash, blog became known for book reviews and notes (the Credit Bubble Stocks Review of Books) and our semi-weekly compilations of Links.

Over the years, we have also had ideas like: equity shorts (DSL, WLT, XCO, BCEI), capital structure arbitrage (CPE, RMIX, GMXR, KV-A, SHLD), micro cap value (CNRD, TVOC, OPST, SFBK, LINSA), and thoughts on interest rates.

Some of our readers may also be familiar with Nate Tobik and his blog Oddball Stocks, which he turned into the Oddball Stocks Newsletter in 2014. Nate also runs a software company called Complete Bank Data which tapped a market need at smaller banks and is now growing rapidly. It is taking up so much of his time that in 2018 he asked me to help out with the Oddball Stocks Newsletter. Since then, almost all of my writing about micro cap stocks has been in the Newsletter. If you liked reading my ideas on these over the years and want to keep seeing them, you should subscribe.

We will give CBS readers a free Issue of the Newsletter if they want to try it out. Just email "editor" at the oddballnewsletter (dot) (com) email address and we'll make it happen!

The proprietor of this blog also runs a boutique investment partnership to capitalize on some of the opportunities discussed here. If you are an accredited investor with a long-term investment horizon, you can reach me at "cbs" at the creditbubblestocks (dot) (com) email address to begin the conversation.

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