Thursday, March 4, 2021

Tesla's Junkyard of a Factory

Tesla bears survey the Tesla properties pretty consistently with drones and take aerial photos of stuff like these photos of the main Fremont, CA factory. 

Why wouldn't you scrap the rusty frame there in the second photo? Maybe because it's still on the books at cost.  

Everything in these photos is waste. You can't sell at a profit when you have ten competitors who have figured out how to make the same goods with less waste. A messy factory is an unprofitable factory.  

This is not normal. Look at a satellite photo of the Honda Assembly Plant in Lincoln, Alabama - where all Honda Odyssey vans are built. There is not a single piece of trash or debris on the ground anywhere. 

How do you spend $1.5 billion on buying bitcoin instead of cleaning up this mess? 

The last company we followed with premises that looked like this was Molycorp.


ACV said...

Not sure what is in those barrels, but if it is oil or anything else hazardous, it should be stored with secondary containment instead of on a pallet

Anonymous said...

My uncle Ray, who was a Packard car dealer, drove a brand-new 1950 Packard from Los Angeles to Minneapolis, with his wife and kids, to see my mother.
The car was black, and it looked like a fat beetle.

It did not have as attractive styling as a Packard 120 (built from 1935 to 1937 and from 1939 through the 1941 model years.)

1937 Packard One-Twenty Touring Sedan

The Packard 120 did not have the good looks of earlier, more luxurious Packard cars made before the effects of the 1929 stock market crash sank in.

Here is Jay Leno talking about the 1932 Packard Twin Six that has been his favorite daily driver for 30 years.

Notice the decline in the style of Packard cars from from Jay Leno's 1932 Packard to my uncle's 1950 Packard.

In the beginning, Packard was the one of the biggest selling luxury cars in the world.
But the stock market crash of 1929 shut down a lot of the luxury car market.

So Packard introduced cheaper cars, The trouble is, that market segment was packed with other brands that had been in that market segment for a long time, and knew how what to do. This fresh competition may have crushed Packard margins.

This is like what is destined to happen to Tesla.
Tesla has been working the electric car segment with not much competition.
But now the electric car car market is being flooded with better built electric cars.

Electric cars have the appeal of a sewing machine or a vacuum cleaner.
The internal combustion car is being got rid of because of waning oil supplies.
Do you agree?

Tesla may have been subsidized heavily to help keep the electric car idea alive,.
But now that every car manufacturer is making electric cars, the low-build-quality Tesla will be crushed by better cars that other manufacturers can build and sell for less.

Also, car makers who start making electric cars won't buy pollution credits from Tesla anymore.

Electricity for electric cars will come from coal and nuclear, not oil.